I'm guessing (2) - PG doesn't give the results of a query in a stream.

In 1- I was thinking about a cursor... but I think his problem is more like 2-

In that case one can either code a special purpose server or use the following hack :

In your webpage include an iframe with a Javascript to refresh it every five seconds. The iframe fetches a page from the server which brings in the new data in form of generated JavaScript which writes in the parent window. Thus, you get a very short request every 5 seconds to fetch new data, and it is displayed in the client's window very naturally.

I've used this technique for another application and find it very cool. It's for selection lists, often you'll see a list of things to be checked or not, which makes a big form that people forget to submit. Thus I've replaced the checkboxes with clickable zones which trigger the loading of a page in a hidden iframe, which does appropriate modifications in the database, and updates the HTML in the parent page, changing texts here and there... it feels a bit like it's not a webpage but rather a standard GUI. Very neat. Changes are recorded without needing a submit button... I should write a framework for making that easy to do.

I did not use a frame because frames suck, but iframes are convenient. Yeah, it does not work with Lynx... it needs JavaScript... but it works well.

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