Matt Clark wrote:
Correct the 75% of all hits are on a script that can take anywhere from a few seconds to a half an hour to complete. The script essentially auto-flushes to the browser so they get new information as it arrives creating the illusion of on demand generation.

This is more like a streaming data server, which is a very different beast
from a webserver, and probably better suited to the job.  Usually either
multithreaded or single-process using select() (just like Squid).  You could
probably build one pretty easily.  Using a 30MB Apache process to serve one
client for half an hour seems like a hell of a waste of RAM.

These are CGI scripts at the lowest level, nothing more and nothing less. While I could probably embed a small webserver directly into the perl scripts and run that as a daemon, it would take away the portability that the scripts currently offer.

This should be my last question on the matter, does squid report the proper IP address of the client themselves? That's a critical requirement for the scripts.

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