max_connections = 160
shared_buffers =  2048    [Total = 2.5 Gb.]
sort_mem  = 8192   [Total = 1280 Mb.]
vacuum_mem = 16384
effective_cache_size  = 128897 [= 1007 Mb. = 1 Gb.  ]
Will it be more suitable for my server than before?

I would keep shared_buffers in the 10000->20000 range, as this is
allocated *once* into shared memory, so only uses 80->160 Mb in *total*.

You mean that if I increase the share buffer to arround 12000 [160 comnnections ] , this will not affect the mem. usage ?

shared_buffers = 12000 will use 12000*8192 bytes (i.e about 96Mb). It is
shared, so no matter how many connections you have it will only use 96M.

The lower sort_mem will help reduce memory pressure (as this is
allocated for every backend connection) and this will help performance -
*unless* you have lots of queries that need to sort large datasets. If
so, then these will hammer your i/o subsystem, possibly canceling any
gain from freeing up more memory. So there is a need to understand what
sort of workload you have!

Will the increasing in effective cache size to arround 200000 make a little bit improvement ? Do you think so?

I would leave it at the figure you proposed (128897), and monitor your
(you can always increase it later and see what the effect is).



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