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> I wonder  if I would like to increase more RAM from 4 Gb. to 6 Gb. [which I 
> hope
> to increase more performance ] and I now I used RH 9 and Pgsql 7.3.2 ON DUAL
> Xeon 3.0 server thay has the limtation of 4 Gb. ram, I should use which OS
> between FC 2-3 or redhat EL 3 [which was claimed to support 64 Gb.ram] .May I
> use FC 2 [which is freely downloaded] with 6 Gb. and PGsql 7.4 ?

There is no problem with free Linux distros handling > 4 GB of memory. The
problem is that 32 hardware must make use of some less than efficient
mechanisms to be able to address the memory.

So, try 7.4 before the memory upgrade. If you still have performance issues,
try optimising your queries. As I mentioned before, you can join the
#postgresql channel on irc.freenode.net and we can assist.


> Amrit
> Thailand


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