> There is no problem with free Linux distros handling > 4 GB of memory. The
> problem is that 32 hardware must make use of some less than efficient
> mechanisms to be able to address the memory.
> So, try 7.4 before the memory upgrade. If you still have performance issues,
> try optimising your queries. As I mentioned before, you can join the
> #postgresql channel on irc.freenode.net and we can assist.

Yes , of course I must try to upgrade PGsql to 7.4 and may be  OS to FC 2-3 too.
My server products are intel based [mainboard , CPU ,Case , Power supply ,RAID
Network card] dual Xeon 32 bit 3.0 Ghz which I consulted Thai intel supervisor
and they told me that increasing the ram for more than 4 Gb. may be possible
depending on the OS.
I ask the programmer who wrote that huge query and they told me that it was the
query generated by Delphi 6.0 component and not written by themselve.


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