> > It appears that PostgreSQL is two to three times slower 
> than MySQL.  
> > For example, some pages that have some 30,000 characters 
> (when saved 
> > as HTML) take 1 to 1 1/2 seconds with MySQL but 3 to 4 seconds with 
> > PostgreSQL.  I had read that the former was generally 
> faster than the 
> > latter, particularly for simple web applications but I was 
> hoping that 
> > Postgres' performance would not be that noticeably slower.
> Are you comparing PostgreSQL on XP to MySQL on XP or 
> PostgreSQL on Linux to MySQL on Linux? Our performance on XP 
> is not great. Also, which version of PostgreSQL are you using?

That actually depends a lot on *how* you use it. I've seen pg-on-windows
deployments that come within a few percent of the linux performance.
I've also seen those that are absolutely horrible compared.

One sure way to kill the performance is to do a lot of small
connections. Using persistent connection is even more important on
Windows than it is on Unix. It could easily explain a difference like


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