> On 13 Apr 2018, at 08:43, p...@highoctane.be wrote:
> I consider Pharo 7 as a great piece of kit but unusable for my current work. 
> There are many new things to learn in there. When is too much too much? Also, 
> simplifications are breaking things in unexpected ways (like the #atEnd 
> thing).


Nothing fundamental will break with #atEnd.

What you are reading in pharo-dev is a constructive discussion that (for me at 
least) started with the desire to support one very special kind of stream 
(stdin in C terms), something 99.99% of Pharo users have never seen, used or 
heard of.

Zn streams have worked well and as expected for Pharo versions going back to 3, 
that won't change.


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