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> Just a quick word to get some things straight because, quite frankly, I
> really don't know where we're heading.

> Do we really need 8 delay schedulers (DelayMicrosecondScheduler,
> DelayMillisecondScheduler, DelayNullScheduler,
> DelayExperimentalSpinScheduler, DelaySpinScheduler,
> DelayTicklessScheduler, DelayExperimentalCourageousScheduler,
> DelayExperimentalSemaphoreScheduler) ?

This should have been cleaned up a while ago.  Thanks for the bump.  I'll
get to it.
However note, that half of those have not more than two methods, so are not
contributing much to the size of the Image.

> Perhaps a little bit of clarity and details about what's coming and what's
> the plan would be beneficial to a lot of us.

I guess you are looking for...

cheers -ben

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