As a general note, I have to say that I find amusing how people are often 
annoyed about the growing size of the image and the amount of classes.
We have an image that contains a full IDE which incorpores more and more modern 
capabilities. And you want that to stay small and fewer classes? I’m sorry but 
you are missing the point. More tools (or same tools enhanced) means more size 
and classes.

Then… why the fear about classes? This is OOP. Doing classes is what we do. 
I prefer a new class to, for example passing same information into a dictionary.
I prefer a new class over a string.
I prefer a new class over a tuple.

We now have slots instead symbols to express variables. I dream with even more 
classes: Selector, Protocol (we already have it, but we need to use it), etc., 
etc., etc.
I will always prefer a class that defines a concept than a non-reified usage of 
generic classes.

We need better ways to organise that information? YES! (For example I was 
thinking browser by default should not show “tool packages”, to reduce the 
amount of information).

But I welcome more classes and less esoteric usages of existing ones, always.


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>> On 13 April 2018 at 13:53, Benoit St-Jean via Pharo-users 
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>> Just a quick word to get some things straight because, quite frankly, I 
>> really don't know where we're heading.
>> Do we really need 8 delay schedulers (DelayMicrosecondScheduler, 
>> DelayMillisecondScheduler, DelayNullScheduler, 
>> DelayExperimentalSpinScheduler, DelaySpinScheduler, DelayTicklessScheduler, 
>> DelayExperimentalCourageousScheduler, DelayExperimentalSemaphoreScheduler) ? 
>> This should have been cleaned up a while ago.  Thanks for the bump.  I'll 
>> get to it.
>> However note, that half of those have not more than two methods, so are not 
>> contributing much to the size of the Image.
> I didn’t know. Thanks :)
>> Perhaps a little bit of clarity and details about what's coming and what's 
>> the plan would be beneficial to a lot of us.
>> I guess you are looking for...
>> <>
>> cheers -ben

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