Herbert Vojčík wrote:
Just a bit of a bikeshedding here:

But I prefer these names:
* Calypso System Browser

Calypso Browser Display

* Calypso Debugger

Calypso Debugger Display
Calypso Debugger Gear

* Iceberg Source Control Management\

Iceberg SCM Display
Iceberg SCM Gear

* Zinc HTTP Client

Zinc Web Client Gear

* Zinc HTTP Server

Zinc Web Server Gear

* Fuel Serialization

Fuel Serialization Gear

* Glamorous Spotter [*]

Spotter Search Display
Spotter Search Gear

* etc.

[*] I particularly dislike "Glamorous" adjective.

In the case of wrapper for libraries I'm hesitant to decide whether to
indicate pharo name in it or not.
I mean stuff like a NaCl wrapper calling it "NaCl-Pharo" instead of
calling "Salty".

NaCl Adapter
Maybe "Salty NaCl Adapter" here, to be consistent with the previous ones of "Fancy Merit Type".

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