Stanislav Malyshev kirjoitti:
Sounds extremely bad and scary idea! When the hell was this decided?
Just imagine how error prone your scripts get..especially if any XML shit is involved..

Why you'd do that if XML shit is involved? That's like saying unlink() is very scary idea because you can delete useful files with it. Of course you can misuse it if you so inclined, what can't be misused? There are, however, very clear use cases when it can be useful, and these use cases are very easily controlled and it doesn't add any complexity or any trouble to any of the existing code (unless your code has a habit of randomly setting arbitrary ini settings to arbitrary values). So I don't see why after ignoring my request for discussion for 2 weeks people wake up and act so scared. There's nothing scary here. In fact, there's even nothing new here, just one more use case for functionality that existed in PHP for ages.

yadda, yadda.. it's another case for potential bogus bug reports arising from the misuse of it. And you're not always in control what is used and where. Now you force people to put something like "ini_set('short_open_tag', 0);" in each script to be sure it's not being enabled when before this change you could rely on checking that it's off in php.ini and break early if it's on when your app relies on it being off.

Try check the bug reports once in a while. People do all kinds of stupid things and it's getting pretty hard to remember all these potential pit falls to ask them to check for..


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