On Mar 20, 2008, at 8:23 PM, Pierre Joye wrote:
I strongly suggest to revert this insanity :)
It is not insanity, it is a useful feature.
It is insane for the exact reason explained by Jani. We try our best
to remove such things to finally from PHP to finally have clean codes
without dozen tests if this feature or setting is enabled or not. This
feature makes absolutely no sense and I don't see any benefits but
more pains.

How can you seriously argue that this setting (which was always set
once per request) makes sense when it can suddenly change between the
first line of a script and the first included files? It can't make

<history>the register global and the magic quotes were both wonderfull

100% agreed. Please revert, this commit has nothing but the potential for confusion and bugs. short_open_tag is thankfully deprecated and shouldn't be messed with now, potentially causing people to think it's an active feature instead of a problematic construct.

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