On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 12:47 AM, Jani Taskinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Stanislav Malyshev kirjoitti:
> >> Sounds extremely bad and scary idea! When the hell was this decided?
>  >> Just imagine how error prone your scripts get..especially if any XML
>  >> shit is involved..
>  >
>  > Why you'd do that if XML shit is involved? That's like saying unlink()
>  > is very scary idea because you can delete useful files with it. Of
>  > course you can misuse it if you so inclined, what can't be misused?
>  > There are, however, very clear use cases when it can be useful, and
>  > these use cases are very easily controlled and it doesn't add any
>  > complexity or any trouble to any of the existing code (unless your code
>  > has a habit of randomly setting arbitrary ini settings to arbitrary
>  > values). So I don't see why after ignoring my request for discussion for
>  > 2 weeks people wake up and act so scared. There's nothing scary here. In
>  > fact, there's even nothing new here, just one more use case for
>  > functionality that existed in PHP for ages.
>  yadda, yadda.. it's another case for potential bogus bug reports arising from
>  the misuse of it. And you're not always in control what is used and where.
>  Now you force people to put something like "ini_set('short_open_tag', 0);" in
>  each script to be sure it's not being enabled when before this change you 
> could
>  rely on checking that it's off in php.ini and break early if it's on when 
> your
>  app relies on it being off.

Stas, this is the translation of what I mean behind "suddenly", as you
did not get it.

I strongly suggest to revert this insanity :)

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