It is insane for the exact reason explained by Jani. We try our best
to remove such things to finally from PHP to finally have clean codes

This feature does not make any code that was previously clean to be unclean. It does not change anything in your existing code.

without dozen tests if this feature or setting is enabled or not. This
feature makes absolutely no sense and I don't see any benefits but
more pains.

It was already explained that it does make sense, and explained why and what are the benefits and what was the rationale. If you are not going to read it, what's the point in this "discussion"? I am open to discussion, but this is not a discussion - this is plain refusal to listen. And it's pretty irritating, especially when done after 2 weeks of silence in answer to the original invitation to discuss.

How can you seriously argue that this setting (which was always set
once per request) makes sense when it can suddenly change between the
first line of a script and the first included files? It can't make

It can, and it was already explained on this list how. Please read it.
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