Hi Pierre,

 - Fix up some bits and pieces.

For examples? Log message helps to see what has been changed, please be verbose.

Literally 'bits and pieces'. The duplicate function we discussed, ws, moving the MS versioning stuff to somewhere it could be used in config.w32.h. (Not moving it back because having it there forces duplicate code in the core.)

- Head towards making it possible for all platforms to have compiler info in phpinfo() output.

It is already in php info:

It was Windows-specific. It's not now.

What is missing is the non windows platform part. As far as I remember
someone is already working on it and will add this info as well.

Any idea who? It isn't Jani.

 - Make it possible to switch off configure summary (--without-summary).

Talking about asking before committing, please do it next time (as I
do). The idea is the other way round, to drop the noise or get it if

Believe it or not, I was trying not to offend you :)

- Steph

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