this file is generated automatically on each time you run configure.
It is fine to keep the as dummy template (it is not
used), so we have a file in cvs with all possible values, just like a
autoconf's configurefile.

Ah no, you've misunderstood it. The file is not a dummy template, it generates most of main/config.w32.h. If you do AC_DEFINE(), the constant ends up in main/config.w32.h. That's why I changed it so we only have to pick up compiler info once, during the actual build, and stick it somewhere PHP can see it. It means we don't need to repeat the same checks in info.c, and it also means other platforms can use the same constants without doing any math in info.c.

I will add also more options and allows each output to be stored in a
file. It will help to improve and automate the QA check as well.

...  and that's the other reason I left it on by default.


- Steph

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