Hi Pierre,

I'm about to commit some other changes, do you have any other pending commits?

Not in this area. I'll concentrate on killing the .dsp files off - I tested now and they don't even work any more under VC6.

One change I will apply is to put the useful functions and data in
confutils and not in a specific config.w32. confutils is the common
trunc and is run before any other config.w32 code.

Please test this first. I'm talking about main/config.w32.h, which makes constants available throughout PHP as well as the build. confutils doesn't do this.

Any idea who? It isn't Jani.

I don't remember, someone said "I will do it for *nix" on efnet  :P

OK so I'll try Felipe :)

About the compiler/arch stuff, I did not do it yet for this exact
reason, there was no interest/will in the unix side. But it can be
done afterwards, even the summary thing (it is _very_ handy to double
check a build, there is more to come as well).

Yeah... I just wanted a way to switch it off, I find it obfuscating rather than useful, I'm having to scroll back up to get to the information I actually want. But I'm aware that others (probably with larger screens) will see things differently.

- Steph

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