On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 2:33 PM, Steph Fox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Pierre,
>>>  - Fix up some bits and pieces.
>> For examples? Log message helps to see what has been changed, please be
>> verbose.
> Literally 'bits and pieces'. The duplicate function we discussed, ws, moving
> the MS versioning stuff to somewhere it could be used in config.w32.h. (Not
> moving it back because having it there forces duplicate code in the core.)

I'm about to commit some other changes, do you have any other pending commits?

One change I will apply is to put the useful functions and data in
confutils and not in a specific config.w32. confutils is the common
trunc and is run before any other config.w32 code.

>>>  - Head towards making it possible for all platforms to have compiler
>>> info in phpinfo() output.
>> It is already in php info:
> It was Windows-specific. It's not now.
>> What is missing is the non windows platform part. As far as I remember
>> someone is already working on it and will add this info as well.
> Any idea who? It isn't Jani.

I don't remember, someone said "I will do it for *nix" on efnet  :P

>>>  - Make it possible to switch off configure summary (--without-summary).
>> Talking about asking before committing, please do it next time (as I
>> do). The idea is the other way round, to drop the noise or get it if
>> enabled.
> Believe it or not, I was trying not to offend you :)

Heh, that's already a very good step, thanks :)

About the compiler/arch stuff, I did not do it yet for this exact
reason, there was no interest/will in the unix side. But it can be
done afterwards, even the summary thing (it is _very_ handy to double
check a build, there is more to come as well).


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