On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 3:18 PM, Steph Fox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> this file is generated automatically on each time you run configure.
>> It is fine to keep the config.w32.h.in as dummy template (it is not
>> used), so we have a file in cvs with all possible values, just like a
>> autoconf's configurefile.
> Ah no, you've misunderstood it. The config.w32.h.in file is not a dummy
> template,

Err, right, .h.in is actually used.

> it generates most of main/config.w32.h. If you do AC_DEFINE(), the
> constant ends up in main/config.w32.h. That's why I changed it so we only
> have to pick up compiler info once, during the actual build, and stick it
> somewhere PHP can see it. It means we don't need to repeat the same checks
> in info.c, and it also means other platforms can use the same constants
> without doing any math in info.c.
>> I will add also more options and allows each output to be stored in a
>> file. It will help to improve and automate the QA check as well.
> ...  and that's the other reason I left it on by default.

The name of the option is wrong then.

I will update the js again and add some comments to avoid confusions
in the future (HEAD and 5.3, please also apply any of your commits to
both branches).


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