If you're having troubles with unrecognized functions concerning Oracle,
then you need to include it.  As mentioned in the previous posts, you must
include something in php.ini if you're using Windows.  If you're not, then
simply adding something to php.ini won't work.

If you're using Linux or Unix, then you're going to have to compile Oracle
into PHP.  This is quite troublesome.  For this to work, you first must
install Oracle8i (maybe just the client will work?).  This also requires
a specific version of the Java Runtime Environment (available at
www.blackdown.com for Linux).  After that, on your ./configure line, you
need the option --with-oci=/usr/local/Oracle/ or wherever you installed
Oracle.  Type make and then make install and the php object file is copied
to your Apache libexec directory (assuming you're using APXS).  Most
likely you already have the httpd.conf file set to load the PHP module, so
simply restarting Apache should get the whole thing going.


Brian Mauter

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