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> Hello,
> I was wondering if there are any PHP people out there that are really
> into using Oracle databases?  I've always used mysql but now I find
> myself in a situation that requires the use of an Oracle database.

Sure, most of our developments are under Oracle/php

> I've printed out the information posted by Thies C. Arntzen titled
> "Making Efficient use of Oracle8i thru Apache and PHP 4" but I was
> wondering if I may see some other code examples.  Very basic examples

In my case, I don't use directly the oci functions, but I use ADODB, which
is a wrapper, an abstraction layer. Thus, I code the same things, under
Oracle or MySQL. See http://php.weblogs.com/adodb_manual
Other abstraction layers exist : adodb, pear-db, metabase, etc.

> dealing with connections, queries and the such.  Also, is there an
> application for Oracle databases that is similar to PHPMyAdmin for mysql
> databases?

yes, you would try http:///phporacleadmin.org/

> Thanks,
> Roger


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