At 09:05 AM 4/6/01 -0500, Brian.J.Mauter wrote:
>If you're using Linux or Unix, then you're going to have to compile Oracle 
>into PHP.


>This is quite troublesome.

   not really.

>For this to work, you first must install Oracle8i (maybe just the client 
>will work?).

   Yes, you may install only the client Net8 client on the 
webserver.  ..but you also must configure it so that it can reach your 
Oracle database (presumably on a different server).  Here, I've got 
Apache/PHP and the Oracle Net8 client installed on a Linux box.  The 
database is installed on a huge Sun box.

>This also requires a specific version of the Java Runtime Environment 
>(available at for Linux).

   Could you explain this?  I don't recall having to install any specific 
Java Runtime Environment on our Linux box...

>After that, on your ./configure line, you need the option
>  --with-oci=/usr/local/Oracle/ or wherever you installed

   or, more specifically, the ORACLE_HOME directory.  Quite likely, it's 
more apt to be --with-oci=/home/oracle/OraHome1/

>Brian Mauter

   Roll Tide!

- Brian

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    Sr. Software Development Engineer
    Oracle Database Administrator
    The Printing House, Ltd.

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