>>This also requires a specific version of the Java Runtime Environment
>>(available at www.blackdown.com for Linux).
>   Could you explain this?  I don't recall having to install any specific
>Java Runtime Environment on our Linux box...

Sure, I was referring to installing the entire Oracle datbase server on
Linux.  When you do that, it requires that the JRE be present on the
system just for the installation.  The installation is a GUI.  The Oracle
documentation says not to try using the JDK, but to use the JRE.

>>If you're using Linux or Unix, then you're going to have to compile
>>Oracle into PHP.
>   right...
>>This is quite troublesome.
>   not really.

The reason I said that the entire installation process of Oracle/PHP
was a pain is because we installed the Oracle database instead of the
client.  Having never done that before, it WAS a pain. :)

Brian Mauter

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