It sounds like the problem you are having is the same one I had.  There is a
variable in the php.ini called upload_max_filesize that the default max size
in here is 2Mb, so when importing or exporting a dump file that is over 2Mb,
it will not work.  Try changing this in your php.ini file and see if that
fixes it.  You may need to restart the server that PHPMyAdmin is running on to
get it to register.  Let us know if it still does not work.  Thanks.

Maureen Biorn

Doug Schasteen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> I'm running a local web server for development on my Win ME machine
> using apache, mysql 3.23.38, and php4. I've been copying my mysql
> database that is online to my local one every once in a while. When the
> database starting getting greater than 1mb I remember the mysql >
> filename.sql wouldn't work anymore and I had to use mysqldump >
> filename.sql to dump the db to a file. I always used phpMyAdmin to run
> the sql file and import everything to my local db. My problem is that
> now my database is greater than 2mb and phpMyAdmin no longer wants to
> run my .sql file. It just skips straight to "SQL command executed
> successfully" but says "No Tables", so obviously it isn't even trying to
> run the file. This is almost exactly what was happening on the "dump"
> end before I started using mysqldump.
> So, what's the IMPORT equivalent of mysqldump and how do I run it on
> windows?
> - Doug Schasteen


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