Load-balancing? I thought this was more of a simple project? I still think
the per-user directories are the most simplest, yet effective methods.

- Jonathan, www.SiteCreative.com

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> > You may want to, instead, create a directory for each user
> > with their name.  This has several benefits.  The first is that it
> > is an easy way to avoid conflicts.  If Rick and I both upload
> > an image 'beach.jpg' one won't be overwritten.
> I would prefer to store the picture's original name in
> the database and on your site use unique generated
> names... this would allow a single user to have
> a number of pictures all named 'beach' (for instance).
> I would not use per-user directories; rather, I
> would split them by upload time and/or sessionID.
> This should give a more even distribution, and be
> directly useful for load balancing etc.
> > Finally, this opens up a variety of possibilities for the future.
> > Things like FTP access, and having random pictures on the
> > user's initial album page wouldn't be too dificult with this setup.
> Here's a question - how hard is it to set up
> a virtual ftp dir, linked to arbitrary specified files?

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