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> > You may want to, instead, create a directory for each user
> > with their name.  This has several benefits.  The first is that it
> > is an easy way to avoid conflicts.  If Rick and I both upload
> > an image 'beach.jpg' one won't be overwritten.
> I would prefer to store the picture's original name in
> the database and on your site use unique generated
> names... this would allow a single user to have
> a number of pictures all named 'beach' (for instance).

The name that is shown with the picture when the Album is 
viewed should be determined by the photo_title field in
his DB, and not by filename.  The actual filename should
only be visible to the person who owns the album.  It would
be inappropriate to present him with half a dozen filenames
which are all "beach" when he is trying to delete a specific
picture from the album  =P
> I would not use per-user directories; rather, I
> would split them by upload time and/or sessionID.
> This should give a more even distribution, and be
> directly useful for load balancing etc.

  I just suggested per-user directories for ease of access for the 
user.  Any number of other possibilities do, of course, exist.
> > Finally, this opens up a variety of possibilities for the future.
> > Things like FTP access, and having random pictures on the
> > user's initial album page wouldn't be too dificult with this setup.
> Here's a question - how hard is it to set up
> a virtual ftp dir, linked to arbitrary specified files?

I would imagine it would be more difficult than setting up a virtual ftp
to a specific directory... but I will admit that I may be wrong as this is 
not my area of expertise.

Sheridan Saint-Michel
Website Administrator
FoxJet, an ITW Company

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