> A new guest to the list needs your hlep!!.  I am about to start working on
a project in which im going to use Oralce
> with PHP4.  I am new to PHP.  I am looking for a good book about working
with "PHP4 and Oracle" to help me pick
>up the basics as well as get the depth that i am looking for.  To give you
a better idea regaring depth, I'll be working
>Web-enabled college registration system.  Students log into a web page to
view, choose, and register courses.
>They should be able to view their time tables, grades, personal information
...etc.  I need help as soon as possible.
>Please help.

First :
you need to install the "oracle client" onto the machine where your
webserver is. Ask your dba for that.
(I hope you're not a newbie with oracle).
With the oracle 8 client, it is possible to connect both oracle 7 and oracle

Second :
you need to compile php with oci extension, or in windows, uncomment

Three :
try this tutorial : simple connection to Oracle with PHP :

You would also want to use a wrapper to access your database. Useful even if
you don't plan to switch between databases. My favorite is adodb

Well, after that, we're ready for more questions !
Hope it will help you

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