Hi Jason,

What is the error message, in what line? I really can't find any error...
Just one standarlization point: why do you use "( )" when printing <BR> and
not in every other printing. For me, it's easyer to debug if every thing
that do the same thing is writen the same way.
Other thing out of the point. You could write all the line in one print

print "<b>Total:</b> $row['total']<br>";
print "<b>Total:</b> ". $row["total"] ."<br>";
or (my favorite)
<b>Total</b> <? print $row["total"]; ?><br>;

Please send the error message, O got curios.. (sorry I don't remember how to
write it, I think I can understand what I mean :-)

Bruno Gimenes Pereti.

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Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP query on "date" field

> Here is my problem once again... =P I am wondering if I should change the
> date table to something other than date... maybe something like date_1?
> Would doing that resolve my issue, because of the fact that the date
> variable in php is function? Thanks in advance...
> Jason


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