On Wednesday 31 October 2001 04:34 am, Jason wrote:

>     This portion of the site was done by a previous employee and well
> you know the expression.. "If its not broke don't fix it." Well now
> that I cannot query the db by the date it is now broke and I am still
> figuring out how MySQL is taking entries to the db so I figured this
> bit of information would maybe sum up the problem in the date field. 
> I have been reading up on the date function in the MySQL book I have
> but somethings it just doesn't cover. So please excuse my being
> vague. Thanks,
> Jason

What data type is your date field -- CHAR? INT? DATE?

> > date("H") converts to a 24-hour clock.  That is, 00 is 12
> > mid-night, 01 is
> 1
> > AM, 13 is 1 PM, 14 is 2 PM, 23 is 11 PM, etc.
> >
> > I do not understand the reasons for your computation that, say 00,
> > is 10

A stab in the dark -- could it be some time-zone adjustment?

> > Ok well I have made the changes and tested it out but using the
> > search string 10/15/2001 still provided no results... 

The changes would only work if your date field is of data type DATE (or 

> > here is the
> > script that parses the date for entry into the database...
> > $date =  (date("m/d/Y")) ; #this date is used in the online
> > database
> > I am wondering if I should let the date be put into the db as
> 2001-15-10...

Changing the format of your dates to standard DATE or DATETIME *would* 
be a sensible thing to do :)

Jason Wong
Gremlins Associates

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