What I use to do is to print the sql and try it in the command line to know
it I'm constructing it correctly.

$sql = "select foo from bar...";
print "$sql<br>\n";  ## add this line

execute your script and copy the line to the mysql command line. If the
result is what you expect it should be working.

{Hope this helps} else {tell us}.

Bruno Gimenes Pereti.

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> I apologize... there really isn't any error messages.. it just shows that
> there are no results to be displayed but when i telnet into the db there
> plenty of dates that met my search criteria. I just need to know why it
> display the results... and I am thinking that because in php the date
> function is the same thing i am using for a variable... not sure if that
> the problem but i am open to suggestions on it. Thanks again.

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