Thanks alot... right now I cannot really work on it but I am going to setup
a test table to work with so I make sure I get the correct results on the
test before I impliment it on our main tables. Thanks again, all of you guys
on this newsgroup have been a great help to a newbie like myself. =)

"Jason Wong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Wednesday 31 October 2001 05:11 am, Jason wrote:
> > The date field is varchar. And I believe it is for daylight savings.
> > I am trying out a couple of things on a test date field so I will get
> > back with you guys after I try your suggestions. And by the way I
> > sincerely appriciate all the help you and Rick are giving me. Thanks
> > again,
> In that case your original:
>    date like '%$date%'
> should work as long as $date is formatted the same as what is stored in
> the db.
> Really, you should convert your date field into DATE or DATETIME then
> you can use all the nifty date/time functions that MySQL provides!
> regards
> --
> Jason Wong
> Gremlins Associates

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