On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Manuel Lemos wrote:

> > If we fixed these problems and more, we could talk about having
> > a unified API. Otherwise for the Oracle OCI_ASSOC, I would prefer
> > not to change it for speed, Manuel would want to provide an emulation
> > layer, i would object because it's slow, etc...
> If you want to resort to non-portable database programming, just stick
> with the native database API that PHP offers and you will get all the
> speed that is possible. Using a database abstraction that does not offer
> portability and still adds execution overhead does not make much sense.
> Your programs still need to be adapted to run with different databases
> and they will still be slower than using the native PHP database APIs.

Just for the record, I agree 100% with Manuel on this one.

Now for the $15,000 question: does anyone else agree with this ? If
PEAR::DB is not abstracting the database what is the purpose of such a
library ?


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