> Well I strongly need thoses $15 000 $ so ....
> What is the purpose ?
> As a "average php user/developper" I don_t really care about the "pure cross 
> plateform/database issue"  but I do care about a standard, clean, secure ("my-
> bugs-free") and easy way to use a database, and PEAR::BD + Thomas V Cox 
> tutorial are under this aspect real time savers...
> So the purpose is "ease my life"...
This definition defines more a common interface to connect to a db, execute queries, 
fetch the result and eventually gives errors reports ;).

IMO, the need of a real abstraction layer is not a must for the majority of php 
endusers. In another view, it will give to php tools for projects who use actually 
others systems (MS asp, j2ee,...).
Most of pure web developments don't need a real abst. layer, intranet portails or 
enterprise tools need.

Maybe we need a simple unified api and a "real" (imho impossible to do a real one)  
abstraction layer ? (the unified api should be only a wrapper)


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