> I probably used a bad choice of words. What I really meant was: What is
> the objective of PEAR::DB as a database abstraction library ? To abstract
> as much as possible like Metabase already does, or to provide a unified
> API to databases and leave the implementation related to database specific
> to the user himself ?
> It's okay to choose the latter, but I believe we should have a unique
> position on something like this, so we know what we are working for. A
> statement like this will be very helpful when people come to the mailing
> list saying that PEAR::DB doesn't abstract LOB's or any other exotic
> feature, as we can just reply "that's not our objective".
I completly agree as an enduser point of view. :)

> Anyway, I think this is a good discussion.
Should we define this discussion as a brainstorming about PEAR:DB roadmap ? ;)

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