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> This definition defines more a common interface to connect to a db,
> execute queries, fetch the result and eventually gives errors reports
> ;).

Somehow yes (do I still win the $15,000 ???)

> IMO, the need of a real abstraction layer is not a must for the majority
> of php endusers. In another view, it will give to php tools for projects
> who use actually others systems (MS asp, j2ee,...).
> Most of pure web developments don't need a real abst. layer, intranet
> portails or enterprise tools need.

I don't exactly agree.
Of course most web developments with php use mySQL (or similar BD) so the 
porting is a very light issue
Of course, enterprise development (intranet, portals..) use other BD.. but the 
porting is still a very light issue except if you company change very often its 
licensing policy switching vendors back and forth ;- )

So may be for your specific enterprise IT environment PEAR::BD right now 
doesn't fit your needs.. fine.. some day hope this will change, but its more 
a "do you support DB XX ?" issue than a "are you cross DB ?" one.

The result is that the question (IMHO) is more a "is it possible to adapt 
PEAR::DB to my specific case ?" (been at risk that the answer is "no") 
than "how could we start from the beginning to build something else?"


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