Manuel Lemos wrote:
> Hello,
> John Lim wrote:
> > Each designer has a different point of view, like Tomas has
> > written a really excellent oci8 "select limit" emulation, but looking
> > at the code, it's so complicated that i decided not to incorporate it
> > in ADODB because I value simplicity. I know Tomas' code works
> > in theory, and its really impressive that you even considered UNIONs,
> > Tomas, but I just like "simple" code that I can keep in my head.
> But it does not work with computed columns like those that apply
> functions (COUNT, SUM, SUBSTRING, etc...). The code assumes that you are
> actually selecting only real table fields. I think it also does not work
> with columns with table name prefixes.

That's partially true. But it's a common practise to use column aliases
in conyunction with functions (and a must for assoc fetchs) and this is
supported by the code I wrote, for ex:

select count(field) as count from foo;

Also if Oracle name a sum(foo) column as "sum" will be trivial to add

Any way I said it later, a real SQL parser will be the solution. Stig
came with the idea time ago and nowadays it will help a lot in many
other cases.

Tomas V.V.Cox

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