in addition to the list you posted, there's

- inconsistent/incomplete metadata support. it would be nice, for example if
the MySQL extension would be more
  precise about a field type than "string", etc

  i tried hard and failed to describe why i'd want to start a C based DB
library, and you have described the issues better than ive done in the past
weeks. im less particular on how things look at the PHP level (though i have
definite preferences), than to provide a general framework in C for
user-level code to build on. there are lots of issues not addressed or
handled in an ad-hoc way in the database extensions that have to be
addressed at a lower level, and doing so presents unique opportunities to
other module writers who need DB support in their extensions.

  i'll leave web developers to fight over flavors of ice-cream - i'm happy
to churn the milk.


BTW - i think i'll start using the term Unified API. seems Rorschach (sp?)
enough to please most folk.

John Lim <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

> Actually the common code is already available: it is the
> database extension API's. But most of the problems are
> in the database extension APIs also, and our work is fixing
> their mistakes.
> Examples:
> -Oracle ocifetchinto() returns OCI_ASSOC arrays in uppercase,
>  when everyone else is using lowercase.
> -Magic Quotes murders our quoting, and what about magic quotes
>  sybase which happens to be for interbase and sql server too!
> -Postgresql does not have an error number to return. And there is
>  no pg_insert_id() either.
> -Interbase's API is missing an arm and a leg, and whether it is
>  the left or right arm missing is not documented anywhere.
> -All extensions should support blobs like Oracle, with a fetch mode
>  that makes "SELECT blob FROM table" transparent with no special
>  coding.
> If we fixed these problems and more, we could talk about having
> a unified API. Otherwise for the Oracle OCI_ASSOC, I would prefer
> not to change it for speed, Manuel would want to provide an emulation
> layer, i would object because it's slow, etc...
>  John

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