Manuel Lemos wrote:
> > >
> > > But it does not work with computed columns like those that apply
> > > functions (COUNT, SUM, SUBSTRING, etc...). The code assumes that you are
> > > actually selecting only real table fields. I think it also does not work
> > > with columns with table name prefixes.
> >
> > That's partially true. But it's a common practise to use column aliases
> > in conyunction with functions (and a must for assoc fetchs) and this is
> > supported by the code I wrote, for ex:
> >
> > select count(field) as count from foo;
> That would work, but you require people to change their queries. I guess
> that does not work as general practice because.
> > Also if Oracle name a sum(foo) column as "sum" will be trivial to add
> > it.

I ran a query without the column alias and seems that Oracle names that
column with the entire name for ex: "sum(foo)". If that is true the
support could be completed.

I'll try it when get some free time or if some kind guy could send the
output of this:

$db = DB::connect("oci8://...");
print_r($db->getRow("select count(somefield) from table",

here, would be so great :-)

Tomas V.V.Cox

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