Ok, I am still fairly new at PHP and MySQL also, so please bear with me.

TASK: I have a client that wants to have job openings listed on their site 
and they want to be able to add, edit and delete the postings themselves. I 
would do this in flat-file format but there is the risk of that file size 
getting too large and slowing down the server.

SOLUTION: I have created a MySQL database that will hold all the postings 
in a table called 'jobs' and have created a PHP form that will post this 
jobs into the db.

PROBLEM: When I go to the PHP form and enter all of the pertinent job 
information, there is one specific field that will have to have carriage 
returns/line breaks in it between paragraphs. Everything is working except 
for this. Is there a way whenever the user presses <ENTER>, that either 
PHP/MySQL will convert this into a <BR> tag only when being displayed in a 
browser and not in the db??

Can anyone out there please help me with this? I am available off-list as 
well if it will be easier to pass code back and forth. Any assistance is 
greatly appreciated!

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to call me 
at 318-338-2034.

Thank you for your time,

Jay Fitzgerald, Design Director - CSBW-A, CPW-A, CWD-A, CEMS-A
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