>>Hi Kodrik:
I just looked at your function and would like to use it myself, but shouldn't 
the ampersand line:
$copy=eregi_replace ("&", "&", $copy);
look like this instead? So it matches the other lines that have a symbol 
replaced by HTML??
$copy=eregi_replace ("&", "&", $copy);

No, because the & sign is needed to represent the ascii values.
So I'm actually doing it to put it back where it got converted by 

If you are going to use it for a forum, you might also be interested by  
It converts urls into links, however they are entered (with a www. or not, 
httpd or not...)

You run your string through this function before displaying. and the links 
are anchored.
Do not run it before entering a string in a database, only before echoing the 

My reply to you was bounced back, so I replied to your message on the list 

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