I wrote this cleanup function:

function cleanup($copy)
        $copy=htmlspecialchars($copy, ENT_QUOTES);
        $copy=eregi_replace ("%", "%", $copy);
        $copy=eregi_replace ("<", "&lt;", $copy);
        $copy=eregi_replace (">", "&gt;", $copy);
        $copy=eregi_replace ("&amp;", "&", $copy);

nl2br converts the carriage returns into <br> or <br /> depending on your 
version of php.
So if you want to offer your copy for editing instead of viewing, you might 
want to run
$string=str_replace("<br />, "", $string);

The rest of the code removes characters that can be used for malicious coding.
You might want to edit it if you want them to enter html code.

I also made some functions to access MySQl easier with php:

You are welcome to use and modify the code

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