Ok, as I said before, you can store whatever you please in your database.
However, please don't "speak as an experienced web programmer" when not longer
than three hours ago you finally found a solution to store quoted text in a


Jonathan Hilgeman wrote:

> I realize that part - my whole point was that it didn't really matter how it
> was stored as long as it gets extracted/parsed correctly. With that in mind,
> instead of using 3 functions to store, extract, and parse the data, I can
> use one function to prepare the data to be stored in a format that can be
> extracted directly into an form-friendly format.
> Not to mention that HTML entities are still ASCII characters, and I do not
> foresee any problems with using the HTML entities in place of quote marks.
> To me, it makes the most sense. Quote marks are generally special characters
> used everywhere, and storing them as quote marks instead of the entities
> seems to be asking for trouble, in my opinion. I've stored values using
> slashes for the past few years, and that method has given so many
> problems... Speaking as an experienced web programmer, I believe this is a
> much more practical method for a lot of us.

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