Ok, seems like I misjudged you and I apologize for that.

I haven't changed my opinion about the very issue we've been discussing - only
wanted to post the sentence above, just for the record.


Jonathan Hilgeman wrote:

> Apparently, the experienced way is to store them with slashes, which is what
> I've followed for years. I consider years of programming to be a fair amount
> of experience, thus qualifying me to be experienced. ANYHOW, after finally
> thinking a bit outside the box and with some valuable input from some
> co-workers, we came up with this function which is a much more efficient
> solution in this matter than the "experienced" way you proposed.
> My purpose in even posting this function was so that other people could
> avoid having to go through the same problems I faced when using the "proper"
> and apparently "experienced" method that I only used because I listened to
> programmers like you (mind you, I said LIKE you, not YOU) who believe in
> standard procedure in all cases without considering more efficient options.

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