ODBC stands for "Open Database Connectivity".  It's a connection layer (API)
that is non-database-specific.
This removes application dependence on one particular database, e.g. using
ODBC instead of "native" functions allows you to write your application
against MySQL and then deploy on Oracle, for instance.

On Linux and other *nix flavors, connecting to databases with ODBC using PHP
requires that PHP be compiled with an ODBC Driver Manager, and that ODBC
Drivers be installed.  A HOWTO is available at as well as an
Open Source Driver Manager and free commercial driver downloads.

On Windows, only drivers need to be installed, as the Driver Manager is
present (MDAC or ODBC Administrator) and PHP builds for Windows can use this
by default.

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Hill
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> Hi,
> Could anybody explain to me what ODBC is. Should I install it when I use
> mySQL?
> Thanks,
> Morten
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