I am trying to connect to an AS/400 from a Linux box running RH9.
I have installed unixODBC and the iSeries drivers.
I can run "cwbping" that tell me that I am connecting to the AS400.
I have made a scipt the following script -
        $odbc_dsn = "sysDSN";
        $odbc_userid = "RADCUR";
        $odbc_password = "sacsac";

        $query = "select * from radtcur.nfp";

        if(!($odbc_db = odbc_connect($odbc_dsn, $odbc_userid, $odbc_password)))
                die("Could not connect to ODBC data source $odbc_dsn");

        if(!($odbc_rs = odbc_exec($odbc_db, $query)))
                die("Error executing query $query");



When I run this script from a web browser I get the following error in my http error 

[client] PHP Warning:  odbc_exec(): SQL error: [unixODBC][IBM][iSeries
Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB], SQL state S1000 in SQLExecDirect in
/var/www/htdocs/odbcquery.php on line 15

Does anyone know why I am getting this?
Thank you for your time<

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