My error seemed to be just in the group declaration. Comparing yours and mine with slight modifications to yours that eventually worked as desired:

select, title, min(event_date) as event_date from eventTable e, dateTable d where = d.event_key group by;

select e.*,min(d.event_date) as event_date from eventTable e,dateTable d where = d.event_key group by d.event_date,d.event_key;

As you see, I was already trying to do a join, but the group by was throwing me.


On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 09:15 AM, Marco Tabini wrote:

My guess? Because we're all professionals at work and trying to solve a
specific problem...since we're adults, I guess the learning part should
be up to each of us--the information is certainly there even in the
answer. :-)


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