I agree, but in regard to your last paragraph, you're assuming that they
read your post and respond to it. Everybody's quick to answer simple
redundant questions that every programmer *should* know the answer to,
but higher level stuff seems to just get ignored. I'd hope in a
high-frequency list like this the converse would be true. Where are the
"seasoned pros" when somebody is asking a hard question, or asking for
alternative approaches to a problem? 

-- Josh

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Just to weigh in on the tail end here, a FAQ of the top N items would be
nice. But I have to say, I use the archives a lot before I post to the
The archives contain the answers to most questions out there. If
to this list checked the archives to see if their answer is there, then
questions like register_globals might decrease in frequency.

The other side effect of researching answers for yourself before posting
that you gain exposure to more of the language faster. How many times do
read about something that doesn't solve your immediate problem, but puts
idea into your head as to how you might handle a future situation? I
know I
benefit from it.

Still, nothing better than being able to get help from some of the
pros on this list right away.

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