It's also a matter of time, I think a lot of people try to be the first
to answer something, or are answering from work on a busy day... they
just don't have time to write explanations, or to RTFM themselves to
verify (I'm guilty of this one), but they want to help. This is
especially frustrating when sometimes people are asking for things that
aren't obvious, and it takes 2 or 3 posts of them saying "no that won't
work because..." before what they're *really* trying to do comes out.
You write a long, descriptive post and they really are just trying to do
something that won't work the way they want it to. :)

I try to be polite, and apologize when I've been proven wrong. I think
people get too easily frustrated answering the same question over and
over, especially when it's something they've known for a long time. I
learned almost everything I know (especially in regards to php) from
experience and lots of reading, as I'm sure most of us on this list
have, and it's just natural to quote a manual page or point someone
there to give them a chance to learn on their own. An then sometimes a
question is so obvious and has been asked so many times (by people in
the list, by most people as they're learning) that the answer is very
simple, and automatic. It's easier to say "try [this code]" than to risk
insulting someone by saying "hey you should know better that's all
wrong, look here and here and here and find the answer". 

Like I said, I try to be polite, and I'm very patient with people, but
honestly, if they're writing a php script and using a database to back
it, they're not newbies, or at the very least, they *should* be able to
read a manual. 

-- Josh

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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] sort by date

There is a difference between a general, "how do I do this" question and
specific "here's my code, I can't find the bug" question. Sometimes
just need a quick answer specific to their code.

Also, unfortunately, many times when people want to point to a resource 
they give the standard "RTFM". Believe it or not, many newbies don't
know how to do this!! A polite "it's too long to go into on the list,
you can read more about this here" with a link is much more helpful.


At 04:22 PM 11/6/02 +0100, Snijders, Mark wrote:
>why does everybody always gives the answers?? why not a hint, or where
>search that they can learn something about it???
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Marco Tabini [mailto:marcot@;]
>Sent: woensdag 6 november 2002 16:08
>To: Terry Romine
>Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] sort by date
>Ok, going out on a limb here... have you tried something like
>select, title, location, address, contact, category, event_time,
>urllink, descript, min(event_date) from eventTable e inner join
>dateTable d on = group by
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