Great! But, many people cannot *understand* the manuals for their own
reasons, that is why they ask - they hope to get some sample code. Shall

Maxim Maletsky

Peter Beckman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote... :

> Hey, there are a lot of new people who are starting with PHP.  We all are
> here to help people learn how to use PHP because we are all PHP fans and
> want the world to use PHP.  register_globals is an issue that us more
> advanced folk know about and deal with on a regular basis.  There are lazy
> people who don't know how to use a manual.  However, we've got the ability
> here to help people who don't know about or how to use the manual.  And
> honestly, some questions are more difficult than the manual provides,
> especially if you aren't sure where to look.
> How's this?  Anytime someone posts a potential answer, post the manual page
> for the function, SQL reference or something related.  That way it's in the
> newsgroup and the archives.  People DO search the archives, while some
> people don't.
> We can't all expect everyone to be as smart and as knowledgable about PHP
> as some of the people on this list are.  So give them a chance and help
> them learn how to learn instead of getting mad.  And if you get mad, maybe
> this isn't the right place for you to be!  I mean that in the nicest
> sense; the world is filled with idiots, and this list is here to help both
> idiots and geniuses get through their stumbling blocks by being an
> intelligent, helpful and friendly community.  At least that's what I hope
> this is.
> Peter
> On 6 Nov 2002, Marco Tabini wrote:
> > Well, excuse me for being a bit cynical, but it's hard to be
> > philosophical with a deadline hanging over your head. It's true that
> > most of the questions can be answered by looking at the manual, but you
> > also have to assume the possibility that the person who's asking them
> > has a real and immediate need for the answers--at least that's the way I
> > try to think.
> >
> > One thing that would be great, IMHO, would be to start putting together
> > a little FAQ, like many other mailing lists have, that gets updated and
> > posted to the list once a month... it could contain answers to the most
> > frequently asked questions--anybody who's tired of answering that
> > register_globals has been turned off in recent versions raise your hand!
> > :-)
> >
> >
> > Marco
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