There is a difference between a general, "how do I do this" question and a specific "here's my code, I can't find the bug" question. Sometimes people just need a quick answer specific to their code.

Also, unfortunately, many times when people want to point to a resource they give the standard "RTFM". Believe it or not, many newbies don't always know how to do this!! A polite "it's too long to go into on the list, but you can read more about this here" with a link is much more helpful.


At 04:22 PM 11/6/02 +0100, Snijders, Mark wrote:
why does everybody always gives the answers?? why not a hint, or where to
search that they can learn something about it???

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Ok, going out on a limb here... have you tried something like

select, title, location, address, contact, category, event_time,
urllink, descript, min(event_date) from eventTable e inner join
dateTable d on = group by



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